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Shenandoah Restorations, Inc.

Wood Window Restoration & Repair

A large historic looking two-story brick home on a green lawn.  White wooden windows are on all visible walls, including in round-tower section of the house.

Wood window restoration - Duncan DuPre House | Spartanburg, SC

Wood windows can be an important architectural element in your project, but have often been damaged from moisture, poor paint condition, poor maintenance, or other reasons. Shenandoah Restorations, Inc. can restore and repair your wooden windows. After evaluating, we can remove old paint, make repairs to the sash, repair or replace the glass, repair the frame, repair or replace the hardware, repair or replace the trim, provide weatherization, and repaint. Your wooden windows can be beautiful and keep the weather out once again!

Brick building with many white wood-framed windows

Beeson Hall | Georgia College

Brick building with many wood windows in beautiful condition

Ennis Hall | Georgia College

Before image of wood-framed window with peeling paint

Before - wood window - First Presbyterian | Augusta, GA

After image of same window, with smooth, clean paint lines

After - wood window - First Presbyterian | Augusta, GA

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