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Shenandoah Restorations, Inc.

Steel Window Restoration & Repair

View of exterior of large brick two-story building.  There are many white-steel trimmed windows with arched tops

Steel window restoration - Caroliniana Libarary | University of South Carolina

Shenandoah Restorations, Inc. has the necessary tools, equipment and suppliers to restore the beauty and integrity of your steel windows. Our craftsmen will remove existing paint and finishes, remove rust and restore or replicate broken elements. We apply new finishes, install existing or new glass, hardware and more. Shenandoah Restorations, Inc, also has the capabilities and suppliers to replicate whole window units if needed. We will make your old steel windows look new again.

Exterior of building - yellowed plastic-looking material coats the stained glass windows so their design is barely visible

Before: damaged steel windows - North Carolina Transporation Museum | Spencer, NC

Exterior of same building - new clear safety glass allows the windows to be seen.  The exterior of the building appears more appealing and clean.

After: restored steel windows - North Carolina Transporation Museum | Spencer, NC

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